About Tranquility49

Tranquility49 LLC and Tranquility49.com are twin verticals that combine in a broad-spectrum boutique for public relations and multimedia communications.

A core team of experts brings a cumulative century-plus of experience in media, marketing, strategic management, integrated communications, p.r., and fund raising, bridging the gaps between mission-based messaging and aggressive outreach. T49 blends the cultivated wisdom of seasoned, forward-thinking professionals with the entrepreneurial energy of a gifted network of young associates.

T49 comprehends the integrated nature of today’s globalized ventures. We appreciate the complex demands placed upon individuals and entities in the drive to succeed. Crucial among these is the effective disbursal through multiple media channels of consistent messaging and imagery. With the entire connected world as a potential audience, we are in the business of making those critical strategic connections that make the world of difference for you.

T49 creates contoured solutions that enable you to reach your desired audiences and stakeholders, promoting your enterprise from its first inception, and giving guidance throughout your unique journey toward success.