Andrea M. Pampaloni

A native of the real Jersey Shore and a current Philadelphia resident, Andrea M. Pampaloni, Ph.D., brings more than 20 years of experience working in corporate, nonprofit, government and academic settings, with experience in research, marketing, budget development and maintenance, proposal writing, and public-relations planning.

Pampaloni earned her doctorate from Rutgers University, focusing on organizational and interpersonal communication.  Most recently, she has been studying the effectiveness of college open houses in appealing to their target audiences, resulting in the development of an assessment tool for schools to identify areas for improvement in meeting their audience’s needs, thereby making the open house more effective. Additionally, her experience, research and teaching also address areas of leadership, the assimilation of new members into an organization, organizational culture, public speaking, and career preparation including resume development, mock-interviewing, and follow-up.

When not at school, Pampaloni enjoys returning to the beach, attempting yoga, or rowing on the Schuylkill River. She also enjoys reading and attending the theater, as well as exploring the areas in and around Philadelphia.

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