Randolph Hoppe

Hoppe1Rand Hoppe is Senior Associate, Multimedia Communications, for Tranquility49 PR. As sole proprietor of R+Y Communications, Rand worked for five years as the Associate for Multimedia Communications in the Office of University Communications at Stevens Institute of Technology. He designed the print and online editions of the university’s quarterly news magazine, and served as a primary consultant on the institution-wide Website Redesign Committee.

He is currently a trustee and curator of the Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center, dedicated to chronicling the life and work of the pioneering illustrator who created a host of enduring, globally recognized characters in the classic era of American comic books.

Among his many project-based achievements, Hoppe co-produced a Flash-animated 40-minute documentary based on the outpouring of public artwork in the aftermath of the 2001 destruction of the World Trade Center in New York. He also developed, designed and maintained a web presence for other clients, including Singleton Galmann Realty, TwoMorrows Publishing, The Heisman Trophy, Restaurant Ninth, and Jolly Roger Recording.

Prior to R+Y, Hoppe was a Partner in the bi-coastal Lemon Custard Comics, where he developed and produced comic/cartoon hybrids for a number of clients (Dark Horse Comics, ADS, Oklahoma Seat Belt Safety Campaign, Sempai-Do EMS Consultants, and more) primarily using Macromedia Flash.

Hoppe began his career as a Project Manager at the UK-based Standard Chartered Bank in New York City. He is a founding partner of Tranquility49 LLC. Hoppe holds a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Fine Art (Experimental Animation and Photography) from Colgate University.

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